Charles Marinaro

Co-Founder & Chairman



Charles is an award-winning writer, director, actor, and producer raised in the Catskills in the town of Monticello, NY. He has had a passion for writing and the arts since he was able to pick up a crayon. His humble acting career began as he performed in many high school musicals at Monticello High such as Grease, The Sound of Music, and Fame. After high school he graduated from SUNY Sullivan and then furthered his education before opening businesses such as The Client’s Advocate: Photography & Self Promotion and Dream Chasers Inc. He later put together a film production company called Transcending Pictures. Within Transcending Pictures, Charles wrote and directed multiple feature length films, short films, commercials, promos, and music videos. Charles won Best Supporting Actor, Best Crime Drama, and Best Picture at festivals for his work in “Savior”. He was nominated People’s Choice for best of the festival for his work on “The Factory”. He became one of the founding members and President of the Hudson Valley International Film Festival that ran in 2015 & 2016 in Monroe, NY. The festival promoted independent productions from all over the world throughout its three day culturally enriching event. For the past 2 years Charles has worked diligently to find a venue and propose the idea of a Catskill International Film Festival. After 2 long years, Charles' work has paid off; this year’s opening night movie, “A Line Between All Things,” will premiere as the fourth feature film he has directed.

Anthony Gagliardo

Co-Founder & Chairman

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Anthony Gagliardo has lived in the Catskills for most of his life, having attended school in the Tri-Valley Central School district before graduating from Sullivan County Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice. Anthony then advanced his education by attending SUNY Cortland where he obtained his degree in Criminology in addition to being accepted into the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.
Since graduating from Cortland, Anthony returned to the area and began acting after being offered the role of a background actor in "The Factory" and has now been in numerous films including a large role in the upcoming film, "A Line Between All Things," which is set to premiere this September at the Catskill International Film Festival. 
When not acting, Anthony has been heavily involved in politics where he has worked on multiple events and political campaigns with the goal of obtaining enough knowledge and experience to make a positive difference in the community. After the Catskill International Film Festival, Anthony is looking to further his education in order to enhance his means of helping others.